How we work

We side with our clients from the sourcing of the right property for their needs, to the dealing with its purchase, to the design of the dreamed outcome and the management of the development process. A turn key approach to the realization of your Tuscan dream.

We begin by engaging with our clients helping them to clearly envision the kind of property they are actually looking for. Do they want a restored farmhouse, a modern villa or maybe a complete restoration project of a ruin that will bring to life their Italian home dream? Once the goal is set, we prepare feasibility studies of what the project will look like and what it entails. When the project is approved by the client, we deal with the administrative documents and permits, which in Italy can be a daunting process to a foreigner. We then source the right development team that will do the work according to the specifications required and manage it in accordance to the time schedule and costs previously approved.

view of the property from top
aerial view of the property

1. We unravel the property's peculiar traits

Each property has unique characteristics that want to be enhanced. It might be the location with gorgeous views, the shape of the building, the olive groves and the vineyards. Whatever that might be, such traits of the property are often what they define a Tuscan home.

lose-up of the current state of the property
Path 650
sketch of the dream house on top of the current property's photo

2. Together, we draw your dream

The first and most important step is to side with you in order to envision your dream place. Once this is clearly thought through, we work as a team to develop a project that suit your your needs and then prepare a detailed feasibility study that will be presented to the local administration for approval.

Path 652
sketch of the property with Tuscan material suggestions

3. We select features belonging to the uniquer Tuscan flavor

With over 20 years of experience in the development of real estate projects, we have selected a number of local quality suppliers that deliver products for your home – from building supplies to interior design furnitures – with a unique Tuscan flavor that will make your home.

4. We help you cutting through any red tape...

Dealing with local administration in Italy can be a daunting experience for a foreigner. Having been living in this part of the world for the past 20 years gives us a clear understanding on how to work with the local politics. The red tape that often can bring frustration and misunderstandings, has also a great advantage – that you can be reassured nobody will ever be able to build a “sore eye” project in your vicinity.

Path 652
Path 652
red tape

5. ultimately make your dream come true!

After the envisioning of the right property for your needs, its purchase, the planning of the restoration project and the renovation works, we have been finally able to make your dream come true!

colored sketch of the property as envisioned
colored sketch of a detail of the property as envisioned

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