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Our mission is to guide you through your search for your dream Italian home.

With the popularity of Tuscan real estate, it’s easy to imagine that there’re no opportunities left to discover that hidden gem in that authentic Italian village, where you can have your own “Under the Tuscan Sun” experience, and yet, there are.

It is also just three hours from London — two hours flight and one hour of driving — some of Tuscany’s most breath-taking valleys and hills have been inexplicably passed over by the foreign markets and remain relatively untouched.

In these lesser known towns you will find the sustenance that Italy is famous for: organic vineyards striping the rolling hillsides, terracotta vats of olive oil standing in cool cellars of hilltop villages, fresh baked breads made with the flour from the antique wheat farm, fields and wooded dells laden with wild asparagus in the spring, truffles and porcini mushrooms in the autumn, all just waiting to be foraged and added to a home made frittata.

It is quite frankly surprising that this area has remained off the beaten path with its countryside dappled as it is with quintessentially restored farm houses and cypress lined drives. It even abounds with fixer-uppers and ruins whose vistas, internal arches and loggias are enough to make an architect weep.

But this place really does exist. And you know how I know? I live here. But you’ll never find it, unless you happen to know someone who lives here, it’s not on the road to anywhere…except maybe Rome, where all roads lead.

I came here for a job, I never meant to stay, but you’ll see, it’s hard to leave. I have been living here for the past 20 years. It’s a farming community in the heart of Tuscany where a cappuccino is one part espresso, one part frothed milk and 2 parts village gossip. It’s where you find yourself surrounded by wine estates and a country side abundant with wild life, from pheasants to deer, to boars and porcupines

The area is just one hour away from the city of Florence, one hour from sandy beaches and near the towns of San Gimignano and Volterra, where Etruscan history is ever present.

My business partner Andrea and I look forward to sharing this beautiful hidden part of the world with you,

Enrico Cristiani & Andrea Rosselli Del Turco

About us

Enrico Cristiani's photo

Enrico Cristiani

“What I prefer to tell you about, is that I am an avid sportsman that enjoys just about any outdoor sport, and have found one of the best places in the world for cycling and running in our beautiful Tuscan neighbourhood. I share my running trails with a lot of wildlife and not many other human beings. Even the main roads which wind along ridges and through fertile valleys have very few cars. I like it that way, so if I will help you buy a house in this area, please don’t tell TOO many people about it.

What is probably more relevant to you, is that I have worked in real estate for over 25 years, firstly as part of an Italian team that developed large but beautiful projects, such as the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence and the residential club, Palazzo Tornabuoni, also in Florence. Later I went to work for the UK real estate agency, Hamptons International, as the managing director of their Italian operations.

Living in this part of Tuscany is the perfect combination of what I appreciate most in life – untouched nature, sports and wine!”

Andrea Rosselli Del Turco's photo

Andrea Rosselli Del Turco

“I was born in Pisa and my roots are deeply linked to this land. My last name belongs to a Florentine family whose cultural history in Tuscany has always accompanied me. My current residence, in the hamlet of Fabbrica di Peccioli, in the province of Pisa, is the conclusion of a journey that brought me back to the roots of my father’s family. The wealth of the family has been consumed by successive generations, but in addition to the remaining property where I now reside, much more important is the story of the people who have lived in those walls from 1700 to today.

Curious stories of those who have inhabited them over time; this is Tuscany, this is my land. My profession is that of a chartered accountant. I therefore have a deep-rooted pragmatism within me which is combined with passions towards sport, nature, culture, food and a marked curiosity towards what I do not know.

With my wife, we have created a farming community, becoming passionate about the cultivation of olive trees and vines. Producing good wines and organic olive oil are some of our main goals to which we dedicate our time.”


We have selected a number of properties that we believe well represent the Tuscan dream home. Some of them are old farmhouses that have been renovated to modern standards, while others are villas more recently built. In either case, these properties are located in private settings with beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

Price: 650000.00€
Fienile la Costia, via Costa, Iano, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy


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